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Dr. Deepak Sharma & Er. Kapil Samar

Sociology of the Subaltern

Name: Sociology of the Subaltern
ISBN #:978-81-301-0067-8
Author:H. M. Kothari
Pages:354 + XIV
Type:Hardback (English)
Price:R 795/$ 79.5
The debate on subalterns has drawn the attention of literary critics as well as social scientists. Subaltern historiography has led the scholars to think of the evolution of human race. This book looks at the subaltern from a perspective of the livelihood options available to them in Indian society which is transforming itself into a laissez-faire society. The options, opportunities and avenues available to this section of the society are also changing. This book looks at all these issues from a sociological perspective. There are a few theoretical articles also which explore the debate right from Antonio Gramsci to Ranajit Guha. Some significant empirical researches are also reported in the form of articles which relate the conditions at the grass root level. In its holistic impact the book provides a fresh perspective on the subaltern studies.
List of Contributors
1. Subalterns : Some Historical and Conceptual Issues - I.S. Chauhan
2. Concept of Subalternity - C. L. Sharma
3. Debating the Subaltern - H. S. Chandalia and Pramila Singhvi
4. State and the Subaltern - Narendra Gupta
5. Opportunities for Better Quality of Life for Subalterns - Apoorva Raval and Mahipal Gadhavi
6. Generating Livelihood Opportunities among Rural Youth : An Empirical Analysis of Efforts Made by RMOL - H. M. Kothari and Rekha Ranawat
7. Middle Class Functioning as a Hypnotizer - Sanjay Joshi
8. Animal Husbandry as an Alternative Means of the Livelihood of Subalterns in Rajasthan - Avni Sharma
9. Employment Security for Downtrodden - Tapas Kumar Dalapati
10. NREGA as a Source of Livelihood of the Subaltern - Ashutosh Vyas and K. S. Kang
11. Civil Society and Subaltern Question - Sudeshna Parija
12. Subalterns of Rajasthan - Vijay Joshi
13. Livelihood of Women Rag Pickers - Neelam Hingorani
14. Changing Means of Livelihood of Tharus - Rupesh Kumar Singh
15. Impact of Industrialization on Social Structure of Gonds in Singrauli Region - Sanjay Kumar Singh
16. The Indigenous Means of Livelihood for the Subaltern - Rajendra Singh Waghela, Raksha Saraff and Brijesh H. Joshi
17. Violations of the Linguistic Human Rights of the Tribes - Prashant Mishra and Sanjay Kumar Singh
18. Phonetic Aspects of the Language of the Chakma Tribe - Susanta Kumar Bardhan
19. Akola Dabu Print : The Only Means of Livelihood for Chhipas - Priya Kothari
20. Livestock Development in India - S. N. Jaiswal, Kisan A. Prajapati and R. S. Waghela
21. The Changing Faces of Rural Livelihoods in India - R. D. Varsat
22. Education and the Cultural Development of the Deprived Classes - Urmila Jain
23. Role of NGOs in Enhancing Livelihood Opportunities - Veena Dwivedi
24. Role of Government and Non Government Organizations for Development of Subalterns - Piyush Sharma
25. The Roles of NGOs in Rural Poverty Reduction : The Case of Indonesia and India - Ravi Modi
26. Role of NGOs for Rual Livelihood - Parag Raval and Ankit Shah
27. Tribal Livelihood and NGOs - Mahaveer Jain
28. Examining the Urban Subalterns - Sunanda Devpura
29. A Socio Economic Approach to Subalterns - Navneet Mal Purohit
30. Women Participation in Descision Making - Hemlata Mahawar and C. L. Mahawar