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Dr. Deepak Sharma & Er. Kapil Samar

Pharmacy Practice

Name: Pharmacy Practice
ISBN #:978-81-301-0059-3
Author:A. C. Rana & Alok Bhargava
Pages:224 + VIII
Type:Text Book (English)
Price:R 250
This book has been outcome of scientific thinking, profound motivation and critical evaluation of Pharmacy Practice. The text book of pharmacy practice is long awaited for undergraduate and post graduate student of Pharmacutical Sciences.
It is an ideal compandium for introductory study on pharmacutical industry and drug store management. I belive that this book will also serve as a working manual to pharmacists when they intend to open there own drug store or seek employment after completion of there studies.
Content :
1. Introduction
2. Forms of Business Organisations
3. Drug House Management
4. Material Management
5. Storage
6. Inventory control
7. Sales Promotion
8. Channels of Distribution
9. Banking and Finance
10. Cost Accounting
11. Accountancy
12. Budgeting