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Dr. Deepak Sharma & Er. Kapil Samar

Management Accounting (English)

Name: Management Accounting (English)
ISBN #:978-81-301-0080-7
Author:Rao and Heda
Pages:624 + iv
Type:Text Book (English)
Price:R 390/-
The present book includes contemporary literature on various topics of the subject. Analysis of financial statement is most important areas of management accounting. Ratio analysis has been widely used by the professionals to interpret the financial statements. This book includes univariate as well as multivariate ratio analysis to measure the solvency and liquidity of a business concern. MDA approach has been explained in a simple way with the help of practical examples and caselet. Accounting standards are incorporated to explain the ratios in practice. The ascertainment of earning per share is explained in pursuance to the provisions of accounting standard-20. Balance score card is a recent development in the literature of strategic management accountancy. An effort has been made to describe the subject in a simple and convincing way. Business forecasting and reporting are also relevant areas of management accounting. The book includes sophisticated techniques of business forecasting such as GNP and Barometric models. Ascertainment of diffusion index has been explained with help of practical examples. The book includes other important topics such as working capital management, fund flow analysis, cash flow analysis and analysis of value added statements.
1. Management Accounting - An Introduction
2. Financial Statements
3. Analysis of Financial Statements-I
4. Analysis of Financial Statements-II
5. Management of Working Capital
6. Fund Flow Statement Analysis
7. Cash Flow Statement Analysis
8. Budgeting and Budgetary Control System
9. Capital Budgeting
10. Management Information System
11. Business Forecasting
12. Value Added Statement Analysis
13. Balance Scorecard