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Dr. Deepak Sharma & Er. Kapil Samar

Cost Accounting (English)

Name: Cost Accounting (English)
ISBN #:978-81-301-0069-2
Author:N. S. Rao, O. P. Jain & Yadu Rao
Pages:1008 + VIII
Type:Paper Back
Price:R 390
A comprehensive and updated text in cost accounting intended for students of undergraduate and postgraduate level in colleges and universities. The text will also useful for aspirants pursuing competitive exams.
Concepts have been explained in simple and lucid language with the help of examples, charts, tables and diagrams. A number of numberical examples have also been included to give a crystal clear pricture of the concept.
Distinguished feature of the book is the diagrammatic exposition of theory and practical examples.
Recent trends in the relevant area have been taken care of. Some issues of strategic cost accounting viz. Activity Based Costing, Standard Costing and Marginal Costing have been discussed in detail.
Objective type question after every chapter are given to expose students to competitive examination pattern.
Accounting standards, to the extent these are related to cost accounting have been discussed with suitable examples at relevant places. Besides, Cost Accounting standards developed so far are also explained at relevant context in a consistent way.
1. Introduction
2. Classification of Cost
3. Direct Material
4. Direct Labour
5. Overheads
6. Unit Costing or One Operation Costing
7. Operating Costing
8. Job and Contract Costing
9. Process Costing-I
10. Process Costing-II
11. Non-Integral Accounts
12. Cost Reconciliation Statement
13. Integrated Accounts
14. Activity Based Costing
15. Marginal Costing
16. Standard Costing
17. Budgeting and Budgetary Control System