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Dr. Deepak Sharma & Er. Kapil Samar

Consumer Awareness for Food & Dairy Products

Name: Consumer Awareness for Food & Dairy Products
ISBN #:81-301-0026-6
Author:N. S. Rathore, A. S. Jhala, G. K. Mathour & S. S. Chasta
Pages:208 + VIII
Type:Hardback (English)
Price:R 500/$ 50
With the growing attention of quality of food and dairy products, there is need to impart training and create awareness among consumers for the food & dairy products. This book includes number of points related to consumer awareness i.e. consumer exploitation, rights and duties of consumers in the food products, consumer products measure, legal aspects, and food labeling. The book also includes present state of art of technology of processing various food and dairy products, the extend of spoilage & contamination of dairy & food products and method to access right quality products.
Contents :
1. Consumer Awareness
2. Basics and Fundamentals of Consumer Awareness
3. Consumer Awarencess towards Processed Food Products
4. Food Coloration - Safety Aspects and Measurements
5. Quality Assurance of Food Products - The Regulatory Institution
6. National and International Standards for Milk Products
7. Quality of Raw Milk in India
8. Consumer Awareness - Standards for Product and Equipment Manufacturing
9. Fried Foods may contain Toxic Substance
10. Honey - It is More than Just Sweet
11. Evaluation of Butter
12. Detection of Additives and Preservative in Milk
13. Processed Foods : Status and Potential
14. Quality Water and Human Health
15. Marketing Potential of Traditional Dairy Products
16. Consumer Awareness and Energy Regulations
17. Role of Udaipur Dairy in Consumer Awareness
18. Home to Industry : An Emerging Issue in Consumer Awareness
19. Understanding Food Labeling for Better Consumer Awareness
20. Energy Requirements in Commercial Dairy Production
21. Detection of Foreign Fats and Oils in Milk & Ghee
22. Food Spoilage and Food Poisoning
23. Amendments in Consumer Protection Act and its Implications
24. Milk Fat - Foe or Friend
25. PFA Act - Ensure Healthy Food for a Healthy Future
26. Organic Farming - New Trends in Food Industry and Consumer Awareness
27. Green Food Lables
28. Icecream-Basic Concept