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Dr. Deepak Sharma & Er. Kapil Samar

C through Tutorials

Name: C through Tutorials
ISBN #:81-301-0011-8
Author:P. M. Jat
Pages:224 + VIII
Type:Text Book (English)
Price:R 160
The book "C through Tutorials" precisely instantiates this paradigm and provides a guided tour of the language through through 144 real programs and case studies. Every program in the text is complete and independent in itself. Though programs have been tested with VC++ 6.0 compiler, most programs are as per the ANSI C, and can be compiled with any C compiler.
1. Introduction to Programming
2. C Basics
3. Control Structures
4. Loops
5. Functions
6. Arrays
7. Pointers
8. Characters and Strings
9. Structures and Unions
10. Files