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Dr. Deepak Sharma & Er. Kapil Samar

About Apex Publishing House

Helping Teachers to Teach and Students to Learn

Apex Publishing House, Udaipur since its inception in 2004, has been in the field of academic publishing specializing in Commerce, Science, Management, Agriculture and allied branches including Dairy Science, Food Science, Horticulture, Forestry, Fisheries, Environment, Home Science, Agricultural Engineering, Veterinary, Extension, Animal Husbandry, etc. In a period of about one decades, the academy has published over 100 titles. Every year 20-30 new titles are brought out. Yet quality is our forte. Many of our titles are running in second and third editions.

Apart from publishing works by renowned authours of India, the academy is also publishing works of authorities from abroad.

The academy entered in the field of publishing with a sole aim of producing and providing only Quality Material to our valued readers.

Each word and line written by our reputed authors not only share their experience and knowledge but also our commitment to bring the best out of the best for our revered readers at a reasonable cost.

Having certain morals and values publishing for us is not only a profession but a positive contribution in the society as what we publish is what you read and vise-versa.

The academy value your research and our books will prove your, all time companion.